BE discounting

Lemargo provides short-term lender-engaged loans against Bank-stamped bills of exchange for up to 90 days to micro, medium and small-size companies.


Factoring is a way of getting finance without tangible collateral by assigning specific debtors in favour of the Factoring Company on open account terms. Once KYC and Enhanced Due Diligence are complete, the client’s vendor obtains funding against invoices immediately, usually up to 95% of the total invoice value. This improves the cash flow of the Company. Factoring not only finances but also offers collection, sales ledger administration and advisory services.

Property and Equity-backed loans

Lemargo arranges short-term funds for companies with unencumbered real property used as collateral. Preferred shares and Licenses are also accepted as security.

Import and Export Finance

Lemargo arranges buyer’s and supplier’s credit for financing import transactions against Clean Bills-Of-Lading (BL) or against partial and full invoices drawn on Confirmed and Irrevocable Letters of Credit up to 180 days from expiry.