Our Social Responsibility Policy focus on seven areas:

1- Community
We understand the importance of pursuing a fair trade with our suppliers and clients, we create value in what we do, we provide products, services and solutions, and contribute to communities.

2- Diversity
Diversity is something we appreciate; a diverse work force brings new strength, skills and culture.
We purchase mostly from big and well known American and Canadians companies, their products are high quality, branded and certified. We work with some medium and small Canadian companies to introduce new products in the markets we target.

3- Environment
Our goal is being environmentally responsible, with what we do in our office and in the whole supply chain; we consolidate freight to our clients, we contribute with the education of our clients; we provide catalogs, magazines, newsletters, and scientific and technical information. We reuse and recycle package and office supplies, and reduce paper consumption.

4- Ethics
All employees and service providers are expected to perform with high ethical principles and obey the law of the countries where they operate.

5- Financial Responsibility
The company operates with financial responsibility with a sound management of credit; a good credit rating has been earned. Payments to providers of goods and services are made on time.

6- Human Rights
At Lemargo all employees are treated with dignity and respect, a courteous and friendly relationship is encouraged, international human rights are protected.
We try to educate, train and provide technical and scientific information to our clients; we treat them with respect and dignity and encourage performance in accordance to best practices and international human rights.

7- Safety
We deal on a regular basis with dangerous goods, we have procedures to receive, storage and ship them, our employees are trained and certified (every two years a refreshment course is mandatory), and we have commercial specialized software to produce all paper work required.
We also follow recommendations of WSIB to minimize the occurrence of risk of injury, danger, failure, error, accident, harm or loss.