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  • Next Up for PCPs: Managing CKM 5 December, 2023
    An AHA presidential advisory introduced the concept of cardiovascular-kidney-metabolic health, with PCPs as key providers. Medscape Medical News
  • How’s the Food? Rate Your Hospital Cafeteria 5 December, 2023
    Historically, hospital cafeterias have not been celebrated for the quality of their cuisine, typically feeding their staff from the same kitchen that prepared patient meals. How would you rate your hospital's cafeteria? Medscape Reader Polls
  • Genetic Testing Warranted in Epilepsy of Unknown Origin 5 December, 2023
    Benefits of genetic testing in adults with unexplained epilepsy include enrollment in a clinical trial of a relevant gene therapy, connection to families with a similar diagnosis, and peace of mind. Medscape Medical News
  • Addressing Chemo-Related Amenorrhea in Early BRCA 5 December, 2023
    Persistent chemotherapy-related amenorrhea (CRA) after treatment for breast cancer was common and associated with worse long-term quality of life among premenopausal women. MDedge News
  • The Prospect of a Medication to Treat OSA Is Getting Closer 5 December, 2023
    A recent study assessed a combination of aroxybutynin, which has an antimuscarinic effect, and atomoxetine, which has a noradrenergic effect, in treating OSA. Medscape Medical News
  • Radioimmunotherapy Tops ASCT in R/R Follicular Lymphoma 5 December, 2023
    A new trial from Italy challenges a decades-old assumption that autologous stem cell transplant is more effective than radioimmunotherapy for consolidation after follicular lymphoma relapse. Medscape Medical News
  • Rapid Access Clinics Help People With Opioid Use Disorder 5 December, 2023
    The rapid clinic model of care reduced overall risk for hospitalization and death and may lead to better wait times and continuity of care. Medscape Medical News
  • Sleep Disorders Linked to Increased Mortality in Epilepsy 5 December, 2023
    Sleep disorders in people with epilepsy are linked to a significantly increased risk for sudden unexplained death in epilepsy and all-cause mortality, new research shows. Medscape Medical News
  • France's First Larynx Transplant 5 December, 2023
    The patient who received the first larynx transplant to be performed in France is recovering well and beginning to regain the use of her voice. Medscape Medical News
  • MDMA Therapy for Loneliness? Researchers Say It Could Work 5 December, 2023
    Studies show the drug can make people more social and less defensive, effects that some say could be harnessed to treat loneliness in therapy. Medscape Medical News
  • Eli Lilly's Obesity Drug Now Available in US Pharmacies 5 December, 2023
    Eli Lilly's recently approved obesity treatment is now available in US pharmacies and could cost customers whose health insurance does not cover the drug $550 a month, or half the list price, the company said on Tuesday. Reuters Health Information
  • Roche Joins Race for Obesity Drugs With $2.7 Billion Carmot Deal 5 December, 2023
    Roche agreed to take over unlisted obesity drug developer Carmot Therapeutics for $2.7 billion upfront, joining a list of contestants seeking to challenge the dominant makers of weight-loss drugs Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly. Reuters Health Information
  • What's New in Acne Treatment? 5 December, 2023
    Advances in acne care include the use of light-based devices. Medscape Medical News
  • How the New Outbreak in China Is Hitting Clinics Elsewhere 4 December, 2023
    A rise in respiratory illnesses in China, clusters of pneumonia in children, and resistance to common antibiotics have specialists on alert looking for changes locally. Medscape Medical News
  • 'Hidden Hearing Loss' May Cause Tinnitus: Study 4 December, 2023
    Some people who have tinnitus are still able to perform well on standard hearing tests, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary. WebMD Health News