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Laboratory Products

Our online catalog includes thousands of new products and hundreds of best-value top brands just a click away: You'll also find a full range of large and small equipment plus a selection of high-quality supplies:

Adhesives-Autoradiography Flasks-Furnaces Rulers
Anemometers Flow Indicators Safety A
Apparel Funnels Safety B
Bags Furniture Shakers
Bags-Barometers Gas-Heating Tapes Sieves
Balance Accessories Glass Joint Sleeves Sample Cups
Barometers Gloves Sample Cups-Specimen Collection
Baths Handcare Sound Meters
Baths-Blenders Heaters Spatulas
Beakers Hemacytometers-Hot Plates/Stirrers Specimen Collection
Bench Protectors Histology Spectrophotometers Supplies
Blotting Homogenizers Standards
Bottles Hot Plates/Stirrers Stationery
Brushes Humidity-Immunology Step Stools-Stoppers
Brushes-Cement Humidity/Temperature Meters Sterilizers
Burets Humidity Test Chambers Stirrers
Burners Hydrometers Stoppers
Calculators Incubators Surge Supressors-Test Tube Racks
Calipers Incubators-Melting Point Swabs
Carts Labels and Tape Test Tube Racks
Centrifuges Latex Sheeting Thermometers, Mercury/Nonmercury
Centrifuges-Chloride Lights and Meters Thermometer Accessories
Centrifuge Bottles Loops and Needles Thermometers, Digital
Centrifuge Tachometers Magnifiers Thermometers-Timers
Centrifuge Tubes Manometers Timers and Stopwatches
Chromatography Mats Tissue-Tubes,NMR
Clamps-Cylinders Microbiology Media I Tools
Clamps and Supports Microbiology Media II Transilluminators
Cleaning Aids Microscopes Tubing
Conductivity Meters Microscope Cover Glasses Tubing-Valves
Counters Microscopes-Mills Ultrasonic Cleaners
Cryogenic Storage Microscope Slides Vials
Cylinders Microscope Slide Accessories Vials-Watch Glasses
Dehumidifiers-Electrical Molecular Biology-Osmometers Viscometers
Desiccants Ovens Vortexers
Dishes and Accessories Ovens-Petroleum Waste Disposal
Dissecting pH Meters and Electrodes Water Purification
Dissolved Oxygen Meters pH-Photodocumentation Water/Wastewater
Electrophoresis Pipets Water Purification-X-Ray
Electroporation Pipettors Wipers
Electroporators-Fermenters Plates  
Electrical Test Meters Pointers  
Evaporation Accessories Pumps  
Filtration Refractometers  
Filters-Flashlights Refrigerators and Freezers  
Flask Accessories Regulators, Gas


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